I can’t figure out why this isn’t included in neither the official CIV VI OST or the 25th anniversary album CIV VI DLC, but it isn’t.

It’s Christopher Tin’s official cover of “Volare, oh oh, cantare, oh oh oh oh” with lyrics by Leonardo da Vinci.

Some more Tin:The Drop That Contained the Sea (contains a link to Calling All Dawns as well). Just listen to this music and tell me it doesn’t make you feel happy to be alive)

EDIT: Oh crap, we’ve got a burrower here. I’ve played close to 7 hours of CIV IV in 72 hours, but I’m quite sure that my total playtime of Sogno di Volare is not far behind.


Also from Christopher Tin, also from The Drop That Contained The Sea. I told you that my favourite songs/earworms off albums tend to cycle. This one is in Old Norse:

The sea, storm-driven,
Seeks heaven itself,
O’er the earth it flows,
the air grows sterile;
Then follows the snows,
and the furious winds
For the gods are doomed,
and the end is death.

Haf gengr hríðum
við himin sjalfan,
líðr lǫnd yfir,
en loft bilar;
þaðan koma snjóvar
ok snarir vindar;
þá er í ráði,
at rǫgn of þrjóti.

I can imagine this playing while the drakkars were crossing the Northern Atlantic for new shores… Brings chills up my spine.

Also reminds me of Liberi Fatali from FFVIII:


Christopher Tin. He’s the guy who composed Calling All Dawns, one of my favourite albums of all time and whose first track is Baba Yetu from Civilization IV, the song that was Tin’s claim to fame.

I was looking for an older post where I must have written something about Calling All Dawns but I could find nothing. Now’s the time then! What I adore about Tin’s music and what makes it unique is that every song is sung in a different language and has a different style. At the same time, however, it’s all miraculously held together by something as straightforward as a classical symphonic orchestra. I find this blend quite fresh and satisfying.

His new album, The Drop That Contained The Sea, another concept album of classical music mixed with ethnic, adds another level of metaphor by bringing in the circle of water. There are songs in Ancient Greek, Old Norse, Brazilian and other languages in there, some of which I don’t recognize. It’s quite good, almost as good as Calling All Dawns.

From the whole album, Темен Облак stands out for me (at least for now, because my favourite songs from individual albums tend to go through circles). It’s in Bulgarian which is a heavy bonus, but anyway I find it incredibly powerful! Lots of choir or vocal-heavy songs are dominating my earworm garden  lately.