Somebody help. This is one persistent earworm. Quick! Find me another one before I write up my own list of regrets. I already know that #9 would be that I never learned how to play the synth.

Before you go, tell me, doesn’t this sound a bit like Any Colour You Like?


We Will Most Likely Regret Not Travelling More

This is the message you’ll most likey take from video and blog post below. But please, let it not be just that. Make it be the motivation I got from it, the call to be fearless in front of the unknown, for it is only that that you are afraid of — all of the rest is just in your pretty little head.

I, for one, am leaving for the Netherlands for a few days. Take care and heed those words. Don’t be the one who regrets.

Learn to Travel (Matador Post)

Words for the New Year (don’t let the title mislead you — it really is about travel, yes it is.)