Game 2.0 — Crusader Kings II Review

Η Paradox ξαναχτυπά με το game το οποίο καλύτερα από κάθε άλλο θα μπορούσε να λέγεται και Game of Thrones και να το εννοεί! Εξαιρετικό.

Hobo for a day! Also, Rodos.

I’m sitting at a net cafe in Rodos. The past 2 days I’ve slept a total of ~6 hours. I’m watching Eurovision and I wasn’t cheap about it; 6 hours cost 10 euros (that’s what I got ><) and LAN parties here cost around 3 times as much as they do in Mytilini. I mean, ****! (insert favourite 4-letter swear word here). 4 hours of LAN-partying cost  4 euros. And I plan on staying all night here. How did I get myself in such a position? Well, here goes.

I’m in Rodos for two reasons: First, today and tomorrow is the 2nd (now annual) Medieval Festival in the Old Castle Town. I was here last year as well for the very same reason and even wrote a little something for the occasion. Back then of course I hadn’t even thought of such a place as a “cubimension” but it’s on my MySpace blog if you want to read it that badly. Anyway, the second reason I’m here is because my uni’s cultural week (πολιτιστική εβδομάδα) starts on the 27th and goes on till the 31st. During it, groups from all over the uni islands present what they’ve prepared the past year and it’s generally considered a time of meetings, parties and Aegean University students getting together. Basically, what MyAegean stands for. And guess what: I’m taking part as a Mytilini MyAegean representative. That means that I’m staying for free and going home for free! Of course, the university isn’t paying for my fascination for castles and knights so basically till the 27th I have to find somewhere to stay.

Luckily, I’ve found a CouchHost. But he’ll only be able to host me starting tomorrow. And yes, I have no place to stay for tonight. I’m a hobo for a day! I’ve been walking aaaall day long around the town, looking for somewhere to spend the night and generally exploring. I’m exhausted, my legs and back hurt (good thing I’m only carrying around 3 bags… travelling light yes?) and I’m now wondering how I’m going to cope in a couple of months, when me and Alex will be walking this much close to every day! The first day of the Medieval Festival was really good – beer, food with no forks, great medieval music, happenings, swords ‘n’ stuff –  I ended up using Housemaster’s idea: I’m spending the night at a net cafe. But it’s EXPENSIVE!

So Eurovision ended and Greece didn’t win. Thankfully! The Russian song that did, however sucks just as bad as the greek one if not more. ICELAND should have won ;D. Anyway, I’ll try to go to sleep now. I hope the net cafe guys don’t have a problem with that…