Here I am lying in bed typing away on my new Huawei g620 S. A few days ago I was in Alsos listening to Mysterious Universe and decided it was time to do it, take the plunge. Like they saySmartphones are tools. What could I end up doing with having one in my own hands after all this time of resisting? It’s convenient, sure, but It’s also an experiment for myself, for judging how far down the rabbit hole I will allow myself to go.

It all came together nicely, since my mother hadn’t used her bonus from Cosmote, the little bait they use for making you renew with them (I haven’t forgotten that I hate them, just so you know) so I got it for pretty cheap. Similar to how i got many of my phones in the past. Come to think of it, I wonder how many different phones I’ve used or owned in my life. Must be close to ten by now. Jesus. How worthless tech has come to be. It has come to this!

Anyway. Typing this with my thumbs feels weird. Having my own smartphone feels weird. Well, it’s not useable as a phone yet cause my old SIM card wasn’t mini enough to use in this new hi-tech gadget. I don’t get it. My older phones were all smaller in size. It’s not like it won’t fit. Anywho, I’m enjoying having a smartphone that doesn’t yet work as a phone. That was the idea actually, but iPod touches aren’t getting any newer and I got this one almost for free, after all.

I have to admit. For all that I wanted to dive into the app world, the permissions I have to allow for each one of them and my rights to privacy I’m obliged to blithely forfeit makes me uncomfortable. I know I do so all the time without blinking an eye during the whole rest of life but… Do people just get used to it? I mean, the app I’m using to type this out right now has my password for accessing the admin page of this blog, and it’s not as if it’s developed by WordPressi itself…

Not to mention of course Google and it’s thing for wanting to know everything all the time. How is a man to choose between using a new account for all this or electing to make his invisible secret file with Google THAT much more complete? Connecting my Google search, YouTube past and everything else with an always traceable device that can snoop even more juicy data even more efficiently?

But then taking selfies with geotagging is cool. No really, I tried it, it’s like magic. All about this gadget is like magic. Is it smoke and mirrors or perhaps something more substantial?

I feel as if this post can be the first in a series of posts about smartphones. I’m declaring this right now cause I’m sleepy. Twilight (the app!) worked as intended… Google, I’m now going to sleep, just in case you missed that

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