Olympus OM2n won!

It did not take much at all. My interest in film photography having been kindled since August already, the university photography club and all the cool people I met there only made me more passionate about finding the Olympus film camera I had been looking for. An OM-2n, some say one of the best cameras ever made… I just had to make it my first, and probably last, film camera. Not to mention that, with the proper adapter, I’ll have a perfect new lens for my digital Olympus e-510.

I had been eyeing many different auctions on eBay for days, but today was special. “Dimitris,” I thought, “today you’re winning one of them”. And I did!


Soon, this used but (apparently) well-kept Olympus OM-2n will be reaching my grubby mitts! The point of this post? I just wanted to share the joy of winning this auction with everyone.

I would also like to thank mum who is helping me with this purchase. It is true, yesterday’s incident was not good at all for my financials. But you know how these things go: you get unlucky but at the same time it’s your nameday the next morning. I couldn’t get further from complaining.


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