Hopes for 2012

Ideally, right about now I would have the time, mental clarity and drive to post a New Year’s post that would show the world my ideas about what I wish to happen this year, my “resolutions” etc. Talking about resolutions, Mario blessed me with a brilliant idea: I wish my resolution this year to be HD. Everyone’s expecting a kind of VGA year. Well, not me.

You see, I’m at a crossroads of my life. I now live in Athens — for good. My future is uncertain beyond the point in time when I’ll get my degree in Cultural Technology, which can’t be too far away now. Uncertainty is refreshing but also scary. It’s not the change that is scary, it’s the possibilities, the endless possibilities… Before I have to take some important decision, I’m engineering my life to make living in Athens properly after something more than five years as much a pleasant, efficient, productive and educational experience as possible. In this way I may be able to make the eventual decision, under the insofar unknown circumstances, from a better position. It’s not easy and if one thing’s for certain, it’s not going to become easier. No matter how hard you plan to learn this language, read that book, cook that food, play this game, meet that person, gain the skill you always wanted to (now you have the time!), earn that money (with a little bit of luck), do that totally random thing, it’s obvious even from this early on that I won’t be able to make it all. I do have a list of things I want to do or achieve within 2012 (it does have a ring to it, this number, doesn’t it?), or at least within the next few months, but I feel it is kind of pointless to share it with my readers — either of them. Actions are going to talk much louder than words. In text form: actions are going to shine much brighter than pixels on a monitor.

My personal hope for 2012 is to not let myself be drowned in this constant pessimism that is spoon-fed to us in every way imaginable (it’s a pretty large spoon, hence the suffocation hazard). Right now, I want to live my real life, breathe the real air, take my real chances, radiate my true colours; everything else will come. I wish the same thing to everyone else. Don’t allow yourselves to be kept in the depths. Make it to the surface! See the world that is above and beyond, at least catch a glimpse of it. Be true to yourselves and maybe we can make something out of this situation. Even if the change comes, surf the wave, don’t break it. Never be afraid. Peace and respect. That is all.

Hey, in the end, it did come out as a “wishes for 2012” post. Great success! Also, I wrote this on my reborn Cuberick. After 10 months of hiatus, my desktop PC is back with a better heart. Welcome.

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