One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Sega

Two weeks or so ago, I was just out for a walk with a friend of mine, Ioanna. This apparently simple event unlocked a chain of possibilities which would have probably not been open for me if I had decided to just chill at home that day and go on playing my Lost Odyssey.

As we were casually walking by a group of 3-4 rubbish bins and I was just looking around, my eye caught this unlikely sight:

And then I looked more closely. And I saw more.

Hmmm… “Molyviatis (Μολυβιάτης), the local toy store, must have cleared their warehouse”, I thought. “These must be just empty boxes”, I continued. See, I was trying to not be carried away by my typical wishful thinking. I didn’t want to believe what kind of treasure Lady Luck might have thrown at me. Despite all my momentary inner conflict of little faith, I picked up one of the Game Gear boxes.

It didn’t seem empty at all.

I was starting to get all giddy. “Wow! Woah! OMG! HAHA! Yes! Look at that! I can’t believe it!! Amazing! Wait till my friends set their eyes on this! Where’s Mario when you need ‘im??” etc, as I was checking one box after the other, opening them, discovering, one by one, that they were in fact all weighty, hefty, full of untouched, pure gaming goodness. Their bulk was sweet, delicious. I imagined I could feel what a thirsty man in the Sahara would find rising from his inner being once he had discovered a box-full of large water bottles (never mind the water would be like piss under the blistering sun).

In all, there was 5 boxes of Sega Mega Drives, and 6 boxes of Game Gears, all very dusty, their boxes in slightly varying degrees of light tear, but otherwise intact. I couldn’t believe a store would just throw their old consoles away like that! I guess they suddenly realised: “Oh, we have had these old consoles no-one’s interested in almost 15 years lying around. Time for some spring cleaning. “They’re probably worthless anyway”, the shop-keeper would add, waving his old goods away, probably disappointed with “how quickly these electronics become worthless these days… They don’t last like they used to, toys… ‘Tis like trying to sell fridges to Eskimos. Or air dryers to the Berbers.”

Imagine. If no-one had spotted them, or if someone had but just took for granted that the boxes would be empty, 11 retro gaming consoles would have found their way to some landfill. I don’t know if they would end up as burnt plastic, silicon, paper ashes and whatever would remain from the copper connectors, but the chances of their salvaging would indeed be slim. Makes a grown man shiver like a leaf. Most people don’t want much to have with rubbish, either, so they don’t usually examine it. I mean, if you looked at this, it wouldn’t cross your mind, would it?

After my astonishment had subsided enough so I could actually think a bit practically, I gathered the consoles up, and took them home. It was exhausting alright. A few days later, I cleaned them from all the dust. It was time for a proper photograph.

Mario, Mordread and HM came over a few days ago and we made some videos opening each box, checking out if everything’s in place. I’m in no way a Sega fan, or even a Sega player at all; Nintendo it’s been for me for most of my life, but Mario knows his Service Games, so he was instrumental in evaluating these neat little packages and their integrity. Indeed, the important stuff is all in mint condition, apart from the exterior cosmetic damage. We even took a video of the unboxing using Mario’s iPod (or is it an iPhone?), and another with testing the Mega Drive and Game Gear I gave to the greatest Sega fan among us, by means of the measly Sonic 3D. Mario’s staying at my place for the next few days starting today so I’ll have the videos up soon.

Today I took one box of each console to a grocery store (I’m impulsive like that) to have them weighted and prepared for their travels, far and wide, narrow and near. What might their fate be…? We shall find out soon!

Update: Yep, they’re up! b^^,

9 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Sega”

  1. Holy smokes! This is amazing! And infuriating at the same time, since the people working on Molyviatis deserve a slap in the face. I went there a few months ago because they still have a bunch of Gamecube games lying around, and their prices were EXORBITANT. I didn’t buy a single one; I’ll wait until they throw them in the dumpster.

  2. Hey, congratulations! That’s one of the best hauls I’ve ever seen, and for free as well. Make sure you take care of them well! 🙂

  3. I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you on both questions: I don’t own Ioanna and I’ve already parted with all of my Game Gears. If you’re interested in my last Mega Drive though, maybe we could arrange something.

  4. Και να φανταστείς οτι περνάω απο εκεί τρείς φορές την ημέρα το λιγότερο!! Όντως βρήκες θησαυρό φίλε γιατί η αξία τους όχι τόσο η χρηματική αλλά η αξία της νοσταλγίας είναι ανεκτίμητη..

  5. Γεια σας παιδια!!!
    Καταπληκτικό!!!Ενας φίλος μου βρήκε monitor 1084 για Amiga, Δεν πετιούνται αυτα!!
    p.s. Εαν εμεινε κάτι ενδιαφέρομαι να αγοράσω………………

  6. Πάντα τέτοια! Όχι, δυστυχώς πούλησα το τελευταίο Mega Drive σχετικά πρόσφατα. Αν το ήξερα θα στο είχα κρατήσει.

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